I am crying, laughing and eating pizza all the time. All at the same time.
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    Home can be many things - a space, person, memory or feeling.

    Issue 1 is the exploration of home as a physical place. Nine contributors draw about the places that feel like home where the heart is at rest - bedrooms, old apartments and median strips alike.

    Carla McRae, Tallulah Fontaine, Maddy Young, Ohara Hale, Gemma Topliss, Aaron Billings, Julia Trybala, Leona Fietz and Auf Wiedersehen!

    - 20 page zine, saddle stitch, digitally printed in full colour.

    Available now

    Tallulah Fontaine and I made a zine featuring a bunch of our pals and it’s finally here! ♡

    (via plantcuddles)

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